Defined Learning: Canvas Integration

Defined Learning is an LTI compatible resource which can be integrated as an external tool or app inside of the Canvas LMS.  Teachers can utilize Canvas as both a single-sign-on tool and as a way to share Defined Learning resources with students as Canvas Assignments. Students can utilize Canvas to access Defined Learning based Canvas Assignments. Students will automatically be signed-in to Defined Learning through the LTI connection. 


Adding Resources

Teachers: Please work with your technology team to install the Defined Learning app available on the EduAppCenter site into your Canvas installation. 

Administrators/Technology Teams: Please reach out to Defined support services for LTI credentials.

Adding the Defined Learning app to your Canvas Course

  1. Using the left hand navigation, navigate to “Settings”.
  2. Navigate to Apps.
  3. In the filter, type Defined Learning.
  4. Select Defined Learning from the results.
  5. On the overview page, select “Add App”.
  6. In the popup, enter the consumer key and secret provided by your administrator or by our implementation team. If you do not have a consumer key and secret, please contact your administrator.
  7. After the pop up fades away, navigate to the “View App Configurations” above the External App list.
  8. Click the button with the pencil icon.
  9. For the best experience, set the privacy to “Public”. For some privacy, but still a good experience, use “E-mail Only”. “Anonymous” and “Name Only” usage will not save results to your individual Defined Learning account.
  10. Click submit when finished.
  11. Defined Learning has now been added to your Canvas Course!

Creating Defined Learning Links within Canvas

To begin, the Defined Learning app must already be added to your Canvas as per the instructions above. Your technology team may have completed this step for you.

  • Wherever there is a Rich Text Editor, there will be a button with the Defined Learning Resources Label. 
    • Press the button to bring up a smaller version of the search tool that is available within the site. All Defined Learning and customized resources are available through the resource browser.  Press the “Preview” button to receive a quick overview of the resource. 
    • When the desired resource is located, press the “Select” button to select the resource and return to the editor.
    • Upon returning to the editor, a Defined Learning link will be generated. 
    • This link will automatically log students/teachers into Defined Learning and take them to the resource.       

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