Computer Science Co​ntent Integration Middle School

Computer Science Content Integration

This document is intended to provide examples of computer science tasks that integrate skills & standards within Math, Science, ELA and Social Studies. The integration of computer science and digital tools allows students to build authentic connections.

Middle School

Topic Task Task Description
Math Entrepreneur: Online Business Your task is to create an online store that will sell a product or products that you believe will be important and interesting for potential customers. It will be important to create a budget for your online store so that your business can be successful. Products in this task include a business website, online store app and a business plan.
Science Veterinarian: Animals Prosthetics Using 3D Printer A main focus of this task is innovative Design. Specifically, students use research to create a presentation to inform an audience about essential components of prosthetics and bionics. Products in this task include a prototype, webpage and infomercial.
English Language Arts Animator: Fairy Tale Animation This task challenges students to explore the technology associated with animation. Students are asked to retell a classic fairy tale using stop motion animation and coding. Products in this task include a computer animation, stop motion and script.
Social Studies Project Manager: E-Waste Recycling Advocate In the task, students conduct research on the problem of electronic waste materials, such as used and broken cell phones, computers and tablets. Products in this task include a recycling day plan, presentation and blog post.

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