Why can't I open a Google Doc?

In many of our tasks, specifically in Math Courses, there are worksheets and/or graphs that have been provided for classroom use. In order to  accommodate the varying needs of our districts, we have provided three versions to support the student: A Google Doc, a PDF and a WORD option. 

In the actual product description, most of the worksheets appear first as a Google Doc URL link.  When you click on that link it will bring you to a "forced" copy for the teacher/or student to make their own copy. 
However, some teachers and students have experienced issues with opening these Google Docs. On occasion, customers are finding that they are having to "request access" in order to open the Google Doc. **This is generally related to how your district has set up Google Admin Settings.  It is possible the current district settings may limit educators / students from opening any docs outside of your school's domain.
Therefore, if you are experiencing any issues, or simply prefer not to use a Google Doc, we also provide a PDF and WORD download option that can be found on the lower right side of the task page.

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