Account Access: Defined Educator

All Defined Products can be accessed through the Defined Users Portal (

We offer a number of options for login, but your specific login method will be determined by your district’s authentication rules.
Most districts use either Single Sign On (SSO) or User Name / Password Combo.

*Check with your administrator to see how your District logs in or email us at

Single Sign On (Clever, ClassLink or Google SSO)

Clever SSO 
Click on "Log in with Clever" from Defined Product Login Portal ( or you can go to your district's Clever dashboard click on the Defined Learning App.

ClassLink SSO
Click on "Log in with ClassLink" from Defined Product Login Portal ( or you can go to your district's ClassLink Portal and click on the Defined Learning App. 

Google SSO
If your district uses Google Apps, meaning that your email is in Gmail based, you can log in by choosing "Educator" from  Defined Product Login Portal ( and clicking on "Sign in with Google". You will then type in the same User Name and password you use to sign into your district email.

User Name and Password
*Access codes will be provided and educators can choose their own login credentials (user name / password)
Educators will create their accounts at Defined Product Login Portal ( by clicking on the "New Users/ Access Code" tab.

Once logged in you will be able to access the products available to you. Those products may include one or more of the following: 

  • Defined Learning (Original)
  • Defined Learning (Updated)
  • Defined Careers
  • Defined Academy

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