Career Roadmap Extension Module


Career Roadmap Extension Module

Defined Careers contains an optional customizable module within the Career Roadmap Lesson (Lesson 4) for educators to provide extension opportunities for students. Extension opportunities can be added to individual careers, entire career pathways, or entire career clusters.

What are possible uses for the Career Roadmap Extension Module?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Career Roadmap Extension Module. Possible uses for the module include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Internships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Connections to local employers
  • Additional career-related lessons
  • Links to other related websites, systems, and resources
  • And many more!

Who can add and manage extension modules within Defined Careers?

Any educator with admin access within Defined Careers is able to add and manage the extension modules.

As an admin, how do I create a new extension module?

Select “Extensions” from the left navigation pane. This is where you are able to create new extensions as well as manage existing ones.
Click the “New Extension” button in the upper right corner.

Complete the fields of the “Create New Extension” popup that appears and then click “Create Extension.” This creates a draft of the extension.
Next, we need to choose to which career courses this extension should be published. Find the newly created extension tile from your extensions and click “View details” (first screenshot) and then click the blue “Publish Extension” button (second screenshot). This will bring up the Publication Settings for Step 5.
Choose the settings for this extension. This includes the date range for the extension (no end date is necessary if you’d like it to be available indefinitely) as well as the specific clusters, pathways, and/or courses in which you’d like this extension to be published. It is possible to select multiple clusters, pathways, or individual career courses. Once you’ve made your selection(s), click “Publish Now.” Please note that “Publish Now” is only the command of where the extension will be published, but the extension isn’t visible to students yet. Step 6 describes how to assign it so that it is visible to students.
Once you have all the settings and content for your extension module ready, the last step is to assign it to the specific entities in which you’d like it to be visible. In the upper left tile on your admin dashboard, click “+Assign Extension.” From there, you can choose to assign it to all the children entities of your entity (if there are any), as well as select the extensions you’d like to push out. If you want to choose specific entities to assign the extension to, select the specific entities from the tile on the right (last screenshot below) and follow the above steps to assign to those entities only. For example - if you have district admin access, you may wish to only assign an extension to the high schools in your district, but not the middle schools.
The finished extension will be displayed to students under the presentation within Lesson 4 of any career courses it published. The published extension will look like the screenshot to the right.

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