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    • Below are some videos to help familiarize you with the Defined Careers platform. 

      The Dashboard 

      The Dashboard - Video Share Link

      After log-in you will land on the dashboard composed of the following areas:

      • My Classes
      • Latest Activity
      • My Reports
      • Top Pathways Enrolled
      • Top Career Cluster Enrolled

      Viewing Classes and Students 

      Viewing Classes and Students - Video Share Link

      Information on working with your students and classes

      • View a class
      • Birds-eye view of Students
      • View Profile of a student 
      • Enrolled Courses
          • Assign Course
          • Unenroll from course
      • Courses Activity
        • Review Work - Accept or Reject
        • Message regarding submission
      • Assessment Results
      • Final Report
      • View Portfolio
        • Project Showcase
        • Plans


      Messaging - Video Share Link
      Overview of communication tools
      • Messaging Tab - home to all individual student messages
        • General and context related
      • Student Profile
        • Send Message
        • Message based on reviewing work
      • Announcements - to whole class
        • Announcements Icon in My classes
        • "Make Announcement" button in class

      Demo Class

      Demo Class - Video Share Link

      • Accessing the demo class
      • Viewing the Profile
      • Impersonating the demo student

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